December 4, 2010

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I've been busy and with the holidays coming up, I'll only get busier.
Life is pretty darn fabulous and every second just makes me want to get up and dance.
This song is nice 'n happy :)
OK I need a new blogsite soon.

Sistar - How Dare You

November 28, 2010

My Famjam

display in holt's contemporary dept.
 army food at insadong
 albap at kimbap heaven
 going to work long 12th like every tues and thurs
so apparently this house (which, if you look around, is the least attractive house prob in the whole neighbourhood) is asking for $1.8 million. location location location!
 waiting for my brother to finish taking his composite pic

deer in headlights
the gowns... saw some ppl i knew on the walls down the hall
 dinner at the new bohemian after brother's grad pics
parents! happy birthday daddy!
w/ brother... 
he finally smiles. we look like ernie and bert lollll
 appies! moroccan lamb meatballs, spinach salad, seafood ceviche
 crab ravioli feature and _____ chicken pasta
 couscous, humous, dip dip dip, salad.. umm.. forgot what they're called.. platter for 2
 so good - lemon (and other spices) braised meats
testing out the self-timer for a family photo at home lol.. and then mommy joined in


can't believe i've never been to a club in korea that played just kpop haha
once in a while, there are some kpop club nights in town so me and a few of my kpop loving chingu deul (friends) went, excited to finally be able to dance to kpop outside of our houses and karaoke rooms
it was fun! they played some of our fav. songs, but they needed to play more.. MORE (and the club needed to stay open much later...)!! i always love korean energy. it radiates!
anyway, here are a few pics
of course, the ham i am needs to take up half the picture lookin' all bobblehead-esque.

sleepover at M's and vietnamese food the next morning with a much needed iced vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk.
 yum yum yum

November 21, 2010


Here's a song I like having in the background on a calm night while I do my internet thingggg
4men + Mi - Here I Am (from the Secret Garden OST) from 909Urnobody (where I update myself on the latest Kpop)
I love that one guys's's's' voice from 4men - so distinctive.

In a way, I have a LOT of time right now because I'm only working 20 hrs/week and I'm not planning for any trips and surprisingly don't have hardly any errands. Guess it's time to "work on my room", exercise, and think of Xmas! 

Some random pictures from today(ish)...

H and M polish - colour pigmentation was perfect and it went on really well but, i guess w/out top coat, it chips easily.
Driving to Ikea w/ mom - so pretty seeing all the bare trees with thin strips of fresh snow on their branches. difficult to take a decent picture when the car is moving on a highway...

after ikea, @ homesense. can you imagine having this huge bell on your tree??? it's almost as big as my head!!
A $238 konked-out reindeer that's big enough for me to sit on.
@ bowring
of course my mom liked this ornament... at first, i was like "hey look! a monkey snowman!" and then i realized they were earmuffs hahahah
the start of our hot pot @ cattle in richmond for auntie S's bday. meat always comes first.. if i were the restaurant server, i'd serve the carbs first and then meat. fiiiilll'er up!
i saw this new kid-friendly pacman pinball machine that emerald got for her bday and asked if it was from my uncle andrew. of course it was lol (he's really into collecting those giant pinball machines - says they're an investment)
 fun and plastic-y
 triton says that i should put my hands in my pocket 'cause it's the cool way.
 playing hide-and-go-seek. taken right when i found him
haha i like these sorts of pics 'cause there's a lot going on and shows the personality of the ppl in it. triton wanted to blow out the candle but he's recovering from a cold so auntie anna (who just recovered from a 2 wk cold) held one out away from the cake for him to blow and he accidentally ended up missing blowing the candle and blew right into auntie anna's face (avec saliva) loll which is why my auntie sandy is laughing so hard. 
And sidenote, my uncle k hasn't shaved since the beginning of november to show his support for prostate cancer (which also explains why my cousin also looked like an old greasy man the other day.. and i was thinking "gee, what a coincidence they've both started growing a moustache!"). He knows that it's a terrible look for him. 10 more days and it will be gone.
auntie S's reaction after seeing our reaction when she brought out this huge, hideous metal turtle she bought as part of my grandma's gift for christmas. "it was only 9 bucks!"... i wonder why... btw, the head can move back and forth, too. it's on a spring.
snow snow snow. M, B, and I came out after singing karaoke and it's snowing hardddd. so magical, i love it!!
Until tomorrow.....

November 18, 2010


most of these are winter necessities that i can't seem to find "the right one" at the moment, so by "wishlist", i'm wishing for "the right kind" to show up in front of my face somewhere whether it's online or when i'm shopping!

In no order, here's a link-filled needlist...
  1. slim boots (knee-high riders with a 1.5-3.5" chunky heel (like see by chloe's vintage london II or OTK classic.. why do they only come in that colour??) and a pair of suede over the knees w/ a decent heel)
  2. booties
  3. gloves (fitted leather, easy for me to move my fingers, buttery soft outside, super soft insides)
  4. shu uemura holiday lashes from the girl on the left... xept it comes predecorated! booooo nevermind. tragic.
  5. some chain jewelry (i plan to DIY for work) like from armorjewelry or dannijo
  6. a bag (can someone tell me why clothes are so easy to buy but accessories aren't??)
  7. running gear (booo boring... but i think i need it.. mainly long-sleeve pull-over running tops that are cute... how does lulu not have any cute ones at the slightest?!)
  8. i want to try the Canada Goose Whistler coat for a long coat - i think i saw somewhere on W. Broadway selling it... hillsound? and/or a MONCLER... though i only like their short styles: Quincy, Ingres, Acajou. mini michelin doll be i! speaking of michelin, haha!
  9. SK-II face masks
  10. a winter fragrance
  11. single-photo frames with thin-ish wood frames and different-sized mats similar to the ones at pottery barn
  12. black LV epi leather agenda - just to be old-school and write things down
  13. crystallize my bose headphones with black bling like these urbanoutfitter ones
  14. a 13" macbook air... with a case that has the same black, alligator embossed material and design as this rebecca minkoff passport holder 
  15. a few beautiful glass and silver (girly apothecary-style) containers for my bathroom counter for my cotton pads and q-tips
  16. larger wicker-type garbage basket in a grayish-beigeish shade
  17. bathroom storage solutions (in huge need! 'cause right now i'm using this and it's not working. you know those really neat IKEA swing/pull outs they have for those awkwardly-shaped kitchen cabinets? I need that, except in a quarter-of-a-circle shape that fits my small small small bathroom under sink cabinet.. or something like this might do except.. in bigger form) but they say, if there's nowhere to go, build up! so, i was thinking of shelves or something but my porkchop + cabinet colours are quite hard to match.....
And I def. don't need another travel bag, but this is sure nice to have - Alexander Wang Daphne Duffle (which is pure duffle perfection if there's ever such a thing)

Anyhow, first day of "snow".  Slushy loveliness. I want it to snow hard so I can wear my snow boots and all my coats (oops just realized I don't have a ski coat anymore!!!... shoot.. add that to the list.).. oh wait, I don't really... 'cause I have my driving quiz tmr. booo

Going to wake up pretty early tomorrow to wash my bed sheets and clean my bathroom thoroughly.. and possibly organize my nail polish but that may be my overachieving side coming out. oh what am I talking about!!

Oh, that reminds me - I have to fix my zipper on this puffy black coat I haven't worn in 2 years!

AND starting tomorrow, I will start treating my hands and feet better... here come those thick salves and creams and those gloves and socks you wear to bed!

Tried SushiYama today w/ my mom on Broadway. Really friendly service and their chirashi don and caterpillar roll were great, but their futomaki roll was.. nothing like a typical futomaki roll, but still tasted good. I'd go again. Not too cheap. Korean-owned - lots of young servers.

Currently out of space in my drawer-set and closet. I think a total redo of my closet would allow me to fit a LOT more (2-tiers!!) butchea. not today nor anytime soon. I will get rid of my huge PJ (I mean, old clothes) collection soon... but I've worn them all in so well! Sigh. Just wore my old elementary school graduation tee yesterday.  Oh yes, it has many holes, but it has held up well for being over 10 years old!!!!

Last thing: ASOS is having free shipping WORLDWIDE. That's huge! Doesn't say when it ends, so if you're getting something, buy NOW!

Just got news of 2.8 magnitude earthquake in HK. Got me wondering how durable all those highrises are.....

November 15, 2010

So Normal...

It was a family-filled weekend. Had dinner at my grandma's on Saturday - her typical 13 dish spread of all my favourites (I always look forward to her dinners and next time I have to remember to take a picture)! It always surprises me how she can make so much good, healthy food without spending more than $50 to feed 13 people and have lots of leftover. 

On Sunday, I had dinner with my other grandparents and 2 of my mom's sisters and their families of 4 at my Gpa's fav Chinese restaurant. I had no idea 2 crabs cost $110....... and a platter of shrimp is almost $50? It sure is easy to think of what else you can get with that... how many other meals I can enjoy with it lol

I did not get a single decent picture of Triton...
 hello, tiger
nope... not even one picture.

This is a great pic of my grandparents! Me and my messy hair ruined the picture, I know... :(

November 12, 2010


All Michelle Phan has to do is post "(=" on Facebook and 20 minutes later, she has 94 comments and 354 ppl liking that status post.